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We pride ourselves as the artists who make a photographer’s vision into reality.For us prop making is not just a passion it’s an epitome of our imagination and creativity.We always in search for finest fabrics,colors and best materials from literally anywhere and blending it all together to make every single of our masterpiece.Our clients and patrons adore us for unique designs and bespoke creativity in the field of prop development. Our main motto and USP is to co-create what we along with the photographer envision as a team! Prop-o-prop makes handmade photography backdrops, maternity newborn and toddler props such as wraps, tiaras, floral bonnets, hair accessories and other wearable props. Shipping anywhere in India!!


PS : We also keep stock of essential items like tiedbacks, baby wraps , pillows, knitted rompers but they sell like hot cake. So follow us on Instagram PropOProp (@propopropbypranjul) and Facebook Prop-o-Prop by Pranjul – Home for latest stock and offer updates.

About the Prop Designer

Meet Pranjul Shukla, our prop designer. After pursuing B.Tech from Kanpur, Pranjul moved to Mumbai for a career in Software engineering .She always had a knack for art and craft but more like a hobby.As the blessing of motherhood bestowed on her, during the shoot of her own baby girl she was introduced to the lovely and creative world of photography and photography props by her amazing photographer.And she finally found her true passion! Quitting a full time IT job(safe ) and jumping into a full time propmaker profession (risky) seemed like the next logical thing to do 🙂 .
Pranjul is based out of Pune and has been in business for close to three years now. She feels she has the most satisfying job in the world obviously second only to being a mommy!!!


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