In the last blog post we discussed how to choose material and size . Our wish is that you choose Canvas 😉 Having finalised the material and size you might ponder over the shade and textures that would work well for you. So without further ado , lets get directly to the questions :

What shades of backdrop should I go with ?

That’s a tough one, and perhaps this is where we have most discussions and the longest ones as well with our clients.

If you are starting , go for the must haves like a Grey backdrop , a brown backdrop and a beige backdrop. Grey is very versatile and can go behind almost anything be it a corporate shoot , a fashion shoot or maternity shoot and even babies , yup babies too . Brown and beige backdrops match with skin tones, and are a perfect set for traditional indian sets.

Then there is Green , just like brown; green supports earthy tones. Softer and lighter shades of green like mint and sage will give you a cool look while darker shades will project a royal imagery and can be used for giving that old masters oil painting effect.

Also consider the subject and accessories you have and the mood you want to set, it will help you find the right shade.

Finally what’s your photography style, and would you like to try out something different or stick to your signature style.

P.S. There will be a seperate blog discussing these in detail .

Do I need textures ? or should I use a smooth blend ?

Again this baffles a lot just like the others, while a smooth blend and a solid background creates a harmony with the subject it often looks very dead . Textured background gives a lot of character to the photo but can change the mood . And then comes the vignette/ombre. Vignettes make the photos look whimsical and draw the attention directly to the subject.

A point to note is that vignettes can be easily added in the post processing, so why have that option in the backdrop. Similarly textured backgrounds can be blended in post processing , and you can always add some noise in the blended ones 😉 . So choose the one that you are going to use frequently

Hope this clears many of your doubts and gives you a viewpoint to easily zero down your backdrop.

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